24 Hour Live Answering Service
Cancom Answering Solutions offers 24-hour live answering by a team of trained customer care experts. We provide a unique service to companies of all sizes. If it’s 24-hour emergency coverage, after hour services or occasional use we will greet your customers and potential clients with professionalism.

Customized Greeting
Your calls answered with your company name, by a fully trained Customer Care agent. We will follow your custom script if you desire. We become an extension of your office.

Message Delivery
Messages are relayed to you promptly via text, e-mail, called out directly or held for pickup. If it’s an emergency response call or a canceled appointment, you will receive the message accurately and efficiently.

When customers need immediate assistance, we will connect you directly with them.  Once the customer is assured you are on the way, they can relax. If you prefer, the caller can be transferred to another convenient number.

Virtual Reception
We provide your company with a professional image, with a front desk appearance. Our Agents are trained in your industry and can offer general information to assist your customer or potential new client. With great customer service, the caller will leave their contact information that will be forwarded on to the appropriate contact. This is an inexpensive way to keep costs down while maintaining your professional image.

Website Monitoring
You will never miss an urgent offer, estimate or inquiry with Cancom monitoring your website 24 hours a day. You will be notified as protocols are followed.

Safety Check-ins
When working alone, your safety is very important to us. There is a customized report created for check-ins to ensure you are safe. If the check-in time is not kept, a Customer Care Agent will follow all appropriate procedures to guarantee your safety.

Dispatching Services
With technology growing fast, two-way radios are a becoming a thing of the past. Either taking an order for delivery or sending out a tow truck you will be notified immediately.

Call Forwarding and Toll-free Numbers
Local call forwarding numbers are available NOW. Toll-free numbers available, convenient for a small business or Infomercial.

Real Estate Specialists
With Cancom on your side, your “listings” are always open for business. We offer the full-service package which includes managing the Appointment Requests, notifying the Sellers of any activity and confirming the appointment with the Requesting Agent.

Your office will receive a daily report indicating all activity on all listings.

Our Real Estate staff, are an extension of your office. They are professionals that have been trained on systems specifically designed for the Real Estate industry. For those offices that are looking for a seamless after hour service.