5 Top Reasons you need an Answering Service

Have you ever wondered how small businesses can afford to offer their customers quality service 24 hours a day? Well wonder no more… They have hired us Cancom Answering Solutions.

1) Cost Efficient Front Desk – Some call it virtual reception but we call it your FRONT DESK. A professional trained agent will greet your customers with a smile and forward all details to the appropriate person. All this for a fraction of hiring employees.

2) 100 % Live Customer Service – No Voicemail. Who likes voicemail… Nobody! Your customers will always speak to a live, friendly person and be assured a call will be returned shortly. No hang ups or missed calls

3) Professional Image – Your company, no matter the size 1 or 100 employees will have more credibility with a professional image and great customer service offered all the time.

4) 24 Hour Service – You are always open. No more missed opportunities. This service offered to your customers… means happier customers and more referrals.

5) Spend time on what matters – Your schedule has just freed up. No more sitting by the phone or attached to your cell, let us do that for you. Spend more time with family and friends, those important things that really matter.

Your customers, new and old deserve to be treated right with First Class Customer Service

Call 1-866-612-4077 or Click today and we can start your free trial immediately.

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