30 Years

Cancom celebrates 30 years

30 years, 10,950 days, 262,974 hours and counting is how long Cancom Answering Solutions has been providing 24 Hour Answering Service to our customers. Back then in 1989, we offered services to Durham Region and surrounding area only, but now 30 years later we cater to all businesses across Canada.
Over the past three decades we have transformed into a technology world. From an old cord switchboard to computers to VOIP, ip address’s and websites. Cancom uses custom software that is always being updating to stay current in this industry. Every customer has a unique situation or request that can be accommodated. As we all know, technology is growing fast, too fast in my opinion. A new cell phone is a great example, by the time you figure the new one out, the next version is released. It’s not any different with phone systems or software.

There is only one thing that has not changed in 30 years… Our Great Customer Service!!

30 years is a major milestone and we at Cancom are very proud to have built strong relationships with our customers. Many friendships have grown, hearing about their children, now grandkids and soon it will be retirement.
Over the years, we have helped many businesses grow from no employees to hundreds of employees. Some of those large corporations are still with us today offering 24 hour service to their customers. Those customers have the biggest sales pitch… “We offer 24 hour service”

The Fall season is around the corner, which means all HVAC service companies are going to be getting geared up for busy season. Let us help you by booking service appointments for new furnace installs, repairs or cleaning. Remember to offer 24 hour service to your potential new customers. Click on the link below to start your free trial.

A special Thank you to all our loyal customers, current and past.

Also a huge Thank you to my tremendous team. You are the contributing factor to the success of Cancom Answering Solutions.

Help celebrate our next 30 years by clicking on the link below to get started.


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